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Viktoria Andretti

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Post  FknViktoria on Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:26 pm

So you want to stalk me? Here's a list of places you may be able to find me.

Warning: All content is for mature audiences.




First diary entry:

Decemeber 13th, 2011

“Like a phoenix I rise from the ashes of my past to once again soar high above.”

My name is Viktoria Andretti, and I’m an empathic healing Vampiress formerly from the Foss coven. I am one of two children turned by my maker Rickard Foss. Before being turned I was an aspiring writer traveling the world in present day 2011. My human life seemed normal enough, or as normal as life can be, and I was living oblivious to the fact there were supernatural beings living amongst us and I was one of them.

My eyes were opened and my life forever changed after meeting Sharon. Sharon opened the door into the supernatural underworld or rabbit hole as I like to call it. My journey began when Sharon introduced me to her mate Gavin Foss, and Rickard Foss.

In the blur of a few short days after meeting this troublesome trio, I was nearly drained by Gavin, rescued by Rick along with a blood fairy named Aev, popped into a new realm called Faery, given immortal life by Rickard, and transported by flames with Gavin into the year 4915.

I was shocked by how quickly my life was transformed and had it not been for my new brother, Gavin, I most likely would never had made it as far as I have. Gavin took the time to teach me lessons that insured I’d be able to survive as a newling. He showed me the nurturing and love that I so craved from my new maker and we developed a strong bond that had us trying to help bring our coven together again.

We were true partners in crime.

My maker, Rickard, was more concerned with teaching me the pleasures of the flesh and encouraging my newling insatiable desires. What myself and my maker did not realize was he had unknowingly unlocked a darker side of me. Something that neither of us would have predicted ever happening.

As a human I had recently discovered that I was sensitive or empathic being and I had been practicing/working with energy healing. When Rickard turned me, my light energy had transformed as well, and with each sexual encounter I was unknowingly feeding off of the lust energy created by the people involved.

As the days passed my hunger to feed on this new energy was increasing. I had this overwhelming appetite for sexual energy, and tried to hide the beast inside of me from those around me. I did well until one blood wine drunken and wild night with two of my loyal pets. Unfortunately Ari, a beloved pet of mine, passed out from my overindulgence in her sexual energy. I tried to revive her by directing the Earth’s energy into her and ended up jolting a new side of Ari awake. My brother Gavin was not too happy to rise the next morning and find a new halfbreed vampire in our mansion to say the least.

After my disaster with Ari I tried to distance myself from my new found temptation; this led my maker into taking an interest in one of my loyal pets Amber. This new development did not bode well with my coven sister Lex who had been wanting a mating with Rick. After a misunderstanding Amber ended up moving to Faery to live with Aev and Ari.

Alexia was my coven sister, a woodland nymph and Sharon’s cousin. She was sassy, and had a take no shit attitude. She was a natural warrior at heart, caring person, and most often misunderstood because of her tough exterior. We were both Virgos through and through and we often butted heads, but always worked it out in the end.

Lex loved my maker from afar, usually doing all she could to help his Reaper side. Rick cared for the nymph, but was dealing with his own demons in the only way he knew. After a night of bathing in the springs near the Foss mansion, Rick’s reaper emerged and ended up marking Lex. She was left with scars on her neck that burned and fed into the dark side of the Reaper. The once vegetarian changed and craved souls until a mysterious wanderer stumbled into our mansion and helped her control it.

Caelan Ward came into our world when he was attacked by the Were’s hunting Gavin. Gavin heard the fighting and flew off to help. Together the pair were able to kill the Weres, but Caelan was bitten in the process. Gavin helped Caelan into our home and together the rest of our coven worked to heal Caelan before the Were venom poisoned him. In the days following the attack Caelan had an formed an attraction for our little coven sister Lex.

Shortly after Caelan arrived, and Amber moved to Faery, my Maker started to feel restless. He tried to fight to keep his Reaper side at bay, but the battle was futile. The Reaper ended up bonding to the newly revealed alter side to Sharon, The Black Widow or soul collector for Hades. Together they were taking more and more soul hunting trips around the village near our home. With the discovery of missing persons the hunters soon discovered our home and attacked right before our scheduled move to our new home.

In the end The Reaper ended up consuming him and Rick left the coven to protect us. He broke the bonds he held with his children and disappeared forever.

Gavin and I were shattered from our bond being ripped from us and both dealt with it in our own ways. Me disappearing into the spiritual realm and had it not been for my mate at the time, a shifter named Donan, I don’t think I would have survived the damage of having that connection ripped out of me.

Gavin’s way of dealing was by disappearing into Hades to soothe his inner demon. Having visited one too many times he was sentenced to serve the rest of his days there. He left after saying his heartfelt farewells to the remaining members of his coven and friends before stepping into the puddle of flames to disappear forever.

Gavin’s departure right before his scheduled wedding to my twin Sharon devasted her. She went into a rage and ended up burning up their mated room in our new home before moving to Italy.

Lex and Caelan left shortly after, moving to the city, and after I helped our friendly ghost Harper cross over, I jumped a portal from the portal room in the Foss mansion back to 2011. The only things I packed were the spell book Gavin left me, Sharon’s enchanted sun protection amulet, and the time turner my brother had left behind. With all things in hand I stepped into the portal and made a new home in Trinity Springs.

Present day 2011

Trinity Springs

Trinity Springs was left to Sharon and I before Gavin left to serve his time in Hades. Together we worked together to first build Trinity Springs Medical Center and later expanding the town to include The Hellraisers Club (@Hellraisers_ ) which is run by Tess De La Vega.


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